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This blog is written and updated by me, Yajur Kumar. I am an associate in advance computer programming and coding. To write programs for different purpose is my hobby. I am currently studying for the degree of Aeronautical Engineer as a regular student.

I used to simplify tedious mathematics problems in aerodynamics by coding them in my relatively easier programs. For the same, I go to through C and C++ in my starting days. However, computer programming and coding is not directly associated or necessary for my college learning and degree, yet I found great interest in doing it.

I think we can learn anything new in our life if we do not think of it as a ‘work to do’, instead, we have to think it in a slight different way. To me, programming and coding is like time passing, however, it does not mean I am a cyber-guy. I find more interest in playing football and singing songs that I used to compose in free-time. So, I am, but may be not so good, singer and footballer also.

I got introduced with PERL a year ago. In my first encounter, I found it much open and easier, but, my desire to learn it by myself (as I used to learn other extra things) went low when I saw it’s thousand paged book and in preface a statement that even that much was not sufficient!

I, now, also believe that no one can, except a few, can master in all things very easily, and there are no short-cuts. But, what I learn from my learning experience from books and usual college course-ware is that they are simply boring, tedious, and you know, no teenager likes books.

My intention behind writing this blog is that I don’t want any college guy, whose primary learning goal is not computer science and related subjects (however) like me to bother about learning programming from heavy books. In this blog, I will try to let you introduce with everything you need to learn about PERL to implement it in your engineering and other practical life problems in the most easiest way and of course, friendly approach.

As I stated above I am an Aeronautical Engineering student, you can also discuss your mine subject related problems, which I glad to answer. Also, every new friend is invited to hug me on facebook at facebook.com/YajurK
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And, in the last, to support me, you don’t need to help me financially or whatsoever. All you need is to please plant and protect our trees, and forests. By doing this, you will surely add happiness in my life by giving me yet another breath full of fresh air and sight of greenery.

With a Smile,
Yajur Kumar

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